Sport Psychologist Performance Coach Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter

Certified Performing Edge Sports Psychology Coaching Graduates

Sports Psychology Performance Coach Certification Peak Performance Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter

Sports Psychology Performance Coach Certification Peak Performance Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter

Peak Performance Sports Psychology: Certified Performing Edge Coach Graduates
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Performance Coaching – Meet our most recent Performing Edge Coach Graduates who have become Certified

In our Coach Spotlight this month is:

Certified PECI Coach Amy Haller
Inner Champion –

Amy Haller holds a degree in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation from TheUniversityofMiamiand a Masterʼs Degree in Education, specializing in Administration and Supervision fromAugustaCollege. She was nationally ranked as a junior for tennis and was awarded a full scholarship to The University of Miami, a Division 1 school. She has since been inducted into The Buffalo Tennis Hall of Fame. She also has Coaching Certifications in Positive Psychology, Wellness, and Life Coaching. ( CPC)

Amy Haller is an innovative, experienced, and passionate Sports Life Coach. She specializes in motivating, educating, and communicating Peak Performance skills and Strategies in both Life and Sport. Amy believes in “Optimizing Ones Human Potential !” ( mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.) Whether it be an elite athlete, corporate executive, or anyone facing challenges or transitions in their life. Her Coaching Skills and Workshops are empathic, intuitive, and life changing. Amy is fun, vivacious, and entertaining. This is one experience you wonʼt want to miss.

Amy has been involved in the professional sports and tennis world for the last 25 years as a competitor, coach, and ambassador for future generations to come. Amy is married ,has 2 daughters and resides in thePhiladelphia area.

Certified Coach Jeff LeVaute

LSP Mental Edge @

Jeff LaVaute, M.S.
Certified Performing Edge Coaching Professional (PECP)

Jeff has over 30 years experience in corporate manufacturing/engineering, independent business operations management, and athletic competition. As a former A.M.A. professional motocross license holder, Jeff remains passionate about helping others in sport reach their highest potential of goal achievement. He is the Principal of LSP Mental Edge @, which specializes in working with motocross racing athletes. Jeff is also the President and Founder of LakeView Sports Plus @, a client focused sports management and marketing athlete services organization. These businesses are both strategically located in the sports oriented Finger Lakes Region of New York State.

Wayne Kurtz
Certified Performing Edge Coach
Deca Ironman Triathlete
Wayne Kurtz is the founder of (, the world’s largest, free, online, multi-discipline, racing resource – “Helping Endurance Athletes Build Exceptional Race Calendars,” and Endurance Racing Report –which has worldwide endurance race profiles and training advice reports (; and – which is a comprehensive training resource for athletes. Over the last 25 years, I have tested myself and triumphed over hundreds of endurance race events. I thrive on the adrenaline, and feel an un-paralleled passion about the challenge, strength and endurance required not just of the physical body, but the test of my mental stamina to hang in there, and confront all the obstacles. The thrill of the stick-to-it mentality to keep going even when I am physically exhausted, allowing my mind to take over, pushing to never give into physical defeat, is why I am so passionate about this sport.

Dr. Nick Garcia
Certified Performing Edge Coach

Licensed Psychologist in private practice
Bakersfield, California
Dr. Garcia has a wealth of clinical experience and works with athletes in all sports at all levels, and does both assessments and coaching for individuals and team sports. He is an excellent, knowledgeable sports psychology expert who can help you get to the next level.

Sue Hasker
Certified Performing Edge Coach, Level 2
Sue Hasker’s passion and purpose in life is to help people to find healthy ways of coping with the emotional pain caused by a physical injury. She is a graduate student working toward dual Master’s Degrees in Counseling and Sport-Exercise Psychology, and becoming a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Sue holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Level 2 Certification as a Performing Edge Coaching Professional through Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter of PECI- Performing Edge Coaching International, Sue’s studies have allowed her to implement the theories and practical applications of coaching, counseling, and sport psychology for the benefit of people from all walks of life, especially people who are healing or in recovery from injury. Her motto is, “Sports psychology is not just for athletes anymore.”

William Dunn
Certified Performing Edge Coach
William Dunn has been a national class runner for over 30 years. He was national champion in the 15 K championship. He was PAUSATF champion in all 3 race series – short and long road racing, and cross country racing. He was crowned one of the top 10 runners in the US., published in Running Times Magazine for the 50 year old age group.
William coaches runners at all age groups and levels. His vast experience as a national-class runner, combined with his Certified Performing Edge Coach training gives him the perfect combination to coach you to the next level. Bill works with his athletes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Heidi Michaels
Certified Performing Edge Coach
Heidi Michaels is a Certified Performing Edge Coach as well as Life & Sports Performance Coach that specializes in helping her clients develop a positive mental game that
brings success to life and sports performance allowing her clients to achieve all they want in life.
She has excellent clinical and coaching skills and experience.