Performance Playbook: A Great Guidebook for Athletes and Sports Performance

I’d like to recommend a new book for you called, Performance Playbook: Feeding Your Potential from the Neck Up in Athletes, Fitness and Life, by Dorron Blumberg. I was so impressed by Dorron’s book that I wrote the foreword for it and it’s a Great Guidebook for Athletes and Sports Performance at all levels.

Dorron Blumberg has written a phenomenal book for athletic and personal success. This book is a goldmine…a wealth of information and inspiration to take you to the next level. Everyone needs this book – it’s like having Dorron right here with you as your own personal coach.

Dorron is always striving for excellence and has developed the Performance Playbook to inspire you to treat yourself as an athlete and maximize your potential.

This Playbook is your stop for getting your mind to the next level. Dorron carries a lot of passion, heart and enthusiasm and he is a great leader that people can depend upon to gain optimal results.

Dorron Blumberg has a unique combination of success skills and sports experience unlike any professional I’ve ever worked with. He is an incredible athlete with a brilliant mind, he understands exactly what athletes need, and he knows how to get you to the finish line. I have personally trained and certified Dorron as a Performing Edge coach and I have tremendous respect for all of his amazing accomplishments.

I was drawn to the “Performance Playbook” because it offers a unique approach to for people who are serious about challenging themselves in mind, body, and spirit. Using Dorron’s unique training system you’ll have peak performance strategies for every possible situation. You can develop a specific, customized plan of action to perform and feel your best in your training and performing well when it really counts.

As an NBC-TV OLYMPICS expert guest, Your Performing Edge best-selling author, Stanford trained sports psychologist, coach to OLYLMPIC Gold Medalists, SF Marathon winner, and champion Ironman triathlete, I look to Dorron Blumberg as one of the finest consultants and coaches I’ve had the opportunity to train and certify as a Performing Edge Coaching Professional.

For more than 30 years, I have been coaching motivated athletes, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders with my “Your Performing Edge” techniques in how to energize their mind and body, focus and feel good, be healthier and fitter than ever, and perform their best when it counts the most.

Dorron has all the right ingredients to be your personal coach, through his book, and beyond. I had the opportunity to work with Dorron Blumberg in my coach certification program, Performing Edge Coaching International (at ). Dorron is absolutely one of the best coaches that I have had the chance to train and partner with. He has a deep understanding of the mental side of training and he practices the principles he is teaching. He’s an excellent coach and leader. He knows exactly what athletes need to learn because he is one. He is one of the most disciplined, creative, inspiring, individuals I’ve ever met. I have complete confidence in Dorron Blumberg as your Performing Edge Coach, and I highly recommend his book to you. So if you want to aim higher for yourself, read his “PERFORMANCE PLAYBOOK.” at and