Cal-a-Vie Spa – Dr. JoAnn’s “Your Performing Edge” Appearance

Sports psychology: Professional speaking on Olympics, Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter, sports psychologistWant to have a Gold Medal Mindset for Success?

Come hear Dr. JoAnn speak at Cal-a-Vie Spa July 18-25.
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• ENERGIZE your mind and body
• FOCUS your effort and perform your best
• ALIGN your goals with your vision
• HEAL and recover quickly from stress/injury
• BUILD a healthy, balanced lifestyle

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“Dr. JoAnn’s program helped me to become an OLYMPIAN”

Dr. JoAnn is an acclaimed winner of the San Francisco Marathon, a Hawaii Ironman Triathlon champion athlete, a best-selling author, a Stanford sports psychologist and an NBC-TV Olympics commentator.

Dr. Dalkoetter will be presenting her “Performing Edge” method at Cal-a-Vie Spa with 4 different presentations throughout the week of July 18-25. Plus she’ll be available for questions and private coaching.

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